Stayed overnight at Surfers Paradise while in Australia over a year ago. It was epic. The beach itself is truly amazing, fully deserving the hubris. Pity about all that though, can’t quite believe just how many super high buildings have been constructed just meters from the Pacific Ocean. Speculation. Property boom. Investment. Expectation. Policy. Employment. Momentum. Tunnel vision. Storms. Erosion. It isn’t so strange when you remember that these high-rise buildings are made with concrete and glass, which is just sand after all. Sand castles.


Surfers looking towards the south – eroded dunes on the right


Surfers looking north


Surfers Promenade

I think that living in Surfers would give you a weird sense of being on holiday everyday due to being cushioned by sunshine, soft white sand and serviced apartments.


Surfers swash

This photo makes me feel a little dizzy. That moment has gone. The water is still there but no longer arranged in that way, the particles have shifted, as they are always shifting. Like sands through the hourglass.

Didn’t actually swim in the Surfers surf though, I wasn’t obsessed with swimming back then like I am now. And, speaking of now, things are warming up and I’ve been swimming regularly for the last month or so at Pt Chevalier beach. Twice yesterday and the day before (early and late tides). Haven’t been taking any photos though. None. Can’t be bothered. Plenty from the recent past to wrangle with. Too many. It’s ridiculous.

Just realised I haven’t edited any of the photos in this post. Usually I would alter the brightness, contrast, saturation etc to polish up the details. Particularly to the swash photo. Perhaps I will do that and then post it next time (for comparison) and then link it to this. Perhaps I could do a post about swash.