There are many beaches in Auckland, where I live.  I am obsessed with high tide. At the moment I have trouble with deadlines, but high tide is a deadline I like to meet. And, in practical terms, high tide is important in Auckland as many beaches here are unswimmable at low tide.

This blog is a record of travel without travel. It is a record of my stay in a place called Stasis. It is our 2013 / 2014 Christmas break here in New Zealand and I’m not going anywhere. Most of the nation goes to the beach at this time – to other beaches – exotic beaches. But I will be staying here at home in Auckland, planning to go to a beach a day, maybe, during the Christmas holidays.

UPDATE – It is over a year later – late March 2015 – so a second Christmas has been and gone. I have swum virtually every day this year and plan to carry on for as long as possible, probably until late April or May. Perhaps I will buy a wetsuit and swim all winter.

ANOTHER UPDATE – August 2017 – Injured myself in April 2016 and have barely swim since. Weird after such an obsession. It is winter now and I’m planning to swim more when the weather warms enough and during the summer break.

YET ANOTHER UPDATE – November 2018 – Very few beach visits in the past year. I’ve been going to the gym instead but still LOVE beaches so have decided to ‘visit’ a beach every day (or week, or whenever) online. So, this is now a record of virtual beach visits. And associated thoughts. Plus dissociated thoughts. A few years ago I wrote a poem ‘The Dissociation Association’ which I will dig out and share one of these days.

Beach photography

Beach photography


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