New Year’s Eve

I wanted a swim in the morning and the Manukau high tide was at 10.23am so I thought I’d check out Green Bay as a friend had told me it was relatively close to where I live. So I did. This is what I saw…


Not very inviting for swimmers

The ‘friend’ who had recommended Green Bay for swimming could actually more accurately be described as an ex. Perhaps he does not have my best interests at heart. Anyway, I walked further down the path to find that the beach itself was very windy and I was not gripped by a passion to swim right here, right now.


Green Bay

So, I left Green Bay and carried on further west to French Bay. It was about an hour after high tide when I arrived but there was still plenty of water for swimming and quite a few people were taking advantage of the sunny day and doing so, despite a strong westerly wind coming in from Manukau Heads.


French Bay