The day after the day before

A small group of us ventured to swim at Kohimarama on the 5th of January. There was a 3.6m high tide at 11.18am. At first, we were accompanied by a fairly strong breeze but by the time we left, this had transformed into a public sandblasting experience.

Kohimarama is surrounded by another affluent suburb and it is the next beach eastwards from Mission Bay. I was somewhat distracted by the fact that I had friends with me so did not take many photographs.


The view of Rangitoto Island from Kohimarama beach on yet another grey and windy Auckland day

A swim in these vigorous conditions is an excellent antidote if you are feeling under the weather due to overindulgence of the partying kind. It was my birthday the day before this swim and festivities had extended into the early morning hours, so the late morning swim was incredibly restorative.


View from Kohimarama beach looking east towards St Heliers