More than one week of swimming has already gone by

There are many beaches in Auckland, where I live. It is nine days since I had my first swim of the summer, at Pt Chevalier beach 6pm on Saturday December 14. I’m obsessed with high tide. It is a deadline I can meet. But, in practical terms, high tide is important in Auckland as many of the beaches here are unswimmable at low tide.

Last Monday I decided to start up a blog. A beach a day. After that decision I took photos of each beach each day. But it took until today to get the blog up and running. So, I now have a week of unused beach photos.

I’m unsure whether to pretend that it is a week ago now, and go back, and enter an entry every day, backdating each post, in a manner resembling time travel.

This blog is a record of travel without travel. The colour palette reflected in the photos will not vary a great deal. It is a record of my stay in a place called Stasis. It is our Christmas break here in New Zealand and I’m not going anywhere. Most of the nation goes to the beach at this time – to other beaches – exotic beaches.

But I’m staying here, planning to go to a beach a day.

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