Wind and water at Pt Chevalier beach

The tide was high at 11.33am on Sunday 22nd of December, but the beach did not attract many swimmers due to a strong onshore wind from the west as evident in the distant white caps and frothy breaking waves that are arriving onshore at an angle and generating the northward longshore current.


Waves arriving at an angle at Pt Chev


Westerly wind pushing waves onshore








On the following day, Monday 23rd of December, the tide was high at 12.11pm and conditions were still windy but considerably calmer. The strong breeze seems to have discouraged many people from visiting the beach.


A calmer sea at Pt Chev


Looking towards the shore at Pt Chev








Here are two of my many attempts to capture the array of colours and shapes that appear in moving water. It’s not easy, especially with a simple little camera.


Just water… which is everything, really


A drop in the ocean

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