French Bay last April, and…

Looks like I had a swim on April 2 last year at French Bay. That’s almost a year ago. I was still with ‘him’ at that time, but he wasn’t at the beach with me. Not sure whether that makes sense but anyway, the ducks were friendly.

Ducks at French Bay on April 2 2014

Ducks at French Bay on April 2 2014. Love the tiny little wave that is in the process of breaking onto the beach. 

In the middle of last year (so, after this photo was taken) I started attending a photography class. Then, towards the end of the year, started attending a writing class. We write short stories (fiction or non-fiction) then read them out. And then joined a poetry class earlier this year. We read a poem then write one in response then do it again, producing two poems each class. I have had quite a lot of trouble reading for the last couple of years, for several reasons, but at present I’m a bit obsessed. The Odyssey. The Canterbury Tales. Emily Dickinson. Susan Howe. It is incredible that we can get inside the heads of people who lived many years ago. Reading is time travel.

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