Studland Bay

Studland Bay, Dorset, UK is owned by the National Trust so there is little development on the dunes and by the look of this photo, the beach seems relatively pristine. I would just love visit and stroll along here, perhaps singing a song a bit like this… ‘look at the stars / look how they shine for you…’

Studland Bay photo Trip AdvisorPhoto of Studland Bay courtesy of Trip Advisor found here

What’s so great about Studland Bay? Apart from its seemingly untouched dunes (which I absolutely adore – give me a ‘pure’ beach anyday!) it is the location of the Coldplay music video ‘Yellow’.

It’s a fabulous song – enhanced by the one-shot video of a solitary figure strolling in slow motion along a deserted beach as the light (post-production trickery apparently) changes from dark grey to light grey, fortunately never once even flirting with a hint of ‘yellow’ as we might expect from the song title. Interesting, though, that in the photograph above the sand is in fact golden (yellow?) whereas in the video the weather dulls it down considerably.

Suits my feelings about life at this point – solitary, slow-motion, grey with a touch of hope from time to time. Learning to accept the past and that we are all flawed, we all cause and feel pain, we are all heroes and villains, all day long.