Early tide, late tide

No swim for me yesterday! High tide clashed with a previous engagement. So, I can catch up on a few of those beaches and days, busying myself in beaches in an attempt to fix something that is broken.

Morning and evening tides, morning and evening swims. Tuesday 17th December, Pt Chevalier beach, high tides 8.17am and 8.35pm.


Early morning at Pt Chev Beach

This photo may look a bit drab, but that’s because the sun finds it difficult to shine on Pt Chevalier beach early in the morning due to sun rising behind steep slopes and high trees.

Even though a few slivers of sunshine manage to strike across the beach, the water is shaded until a few metres out, which means that overcoming the challenge of cool shady sand and shallow water very rewarding.


Looking towards the shore at Pt Chev beach

I like to take photos of water. It is a bit of an obsession.

I took a photo while standing in the sea facing the shore. Here comes the sun!

Water water everywhere…


Restless water


Water, sun and shadows







And then it was evening! A second swimmable high tide on the 17th at Pt Chevalier beach. There is not much light in pictures taken just after sunset.


A relatively calm evening


Pohutukawa tree at Pt Chev beach

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